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VR ASSET MANAGEMENT is a boutique Asset & Investment Advisory firm running benefits in several fields and industries, founded by Giovambattista Scuticchio Foderaro under the brand of VR Corporatenext. The group of associate Advisors and Corporations that take part to the VRAM Programs establish high quality procedural performance and execution, from Real Estate to overall Financial Investments. 

The majority of the investment professionals, tech analysts and data scientists that take part to the VR operations, since decades, have been managing investment portfolios and providing investment advisory to institutional and individual investors around the world. VRAM integrates ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance factors into the advisory and management processes.


VR built trust in Financial & Funding Groups, Governmental Institutions, Family Offices and other investors that work everyday to secure and empower their savings. Finance means Investment as well as Asset means Stability: prudently managing your investments, VR

aims to a green and innovative ecosystem act to increasing the chance to build a 100% sustainable asset.

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