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MAY 2022 - Mergers And Acquisitions: Evaluating Effective Procedures After Covid-19. The 2020 is going down in history as the beginning of a new era: less time wasted, straightforward operation decisions and a stronger attempt to avoid biases. As known Covid-19 accelerated all sorts of processes. In this period of a new normal we have had to learn to navigate global inflation, seize new opportunities and rebuild strategies. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) it can help restore insolvency, establish a new program or simply forge a new path—resulting in a stronger, healthier company.

APRIL 2021 - How Global Inflation Will Affect Businesses, And How They Can Prepare. The business and overall life changes imposed by the coronavirus have been difficult to endure. We faced unexpected events. We thought we were in control of everything, and instead, everything that was "normal" went away in an instant, including how we do our jobs and perform simple gestures like buying milk or walking down the street. Now, we must face the transformation of today's habits and create a "new normal."

AUGUST 2020 - Giovambattista Scuticchio Foderaro of VR CORPORATENEXT announced the launch of VR ASSET MANAGEMENT, a boutique asset and investment advisory firm. The group of associate advisors and corporations that take part in the VRAM Programs establish high quality procedural performance and execution, from Real Estate to overall Financial Investments.

APRIL 2021 - NYLIFE Securities, the American and Eurasian fortune company, announced through its Chief of Finance and Head of Development P.T. Jonhson that it has successfully closed a round of investments focused on the acquisition of luxury properties and hospitality in Europe through Black Ocean Capital Invest, supported in fusion and transformation by McKinsey & Company, driven and led by VR Corporatenext, personally by Giovambattista Scuticchio Foderaro the Italian strategy specialist as the brand new operation asset management corporation, VR Asset Management.

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